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image of the character JETTA by I. B. Nelson from eternal champions Rita as ring master directing cleaning of household single frame from animation of little girl dancing by I. B. Nelson Drawing of General walking his pet bomb an a leash, by I. B. Nelson
Where To?  
small cartoon panel of arnold armadillo with his bear friend painted with plus signs who says 'Hey no more Mister Negative!', by I. B. Nelson
small cartoon panel of the Nutthouse, with the sisters sarah and carrie Nutt, by I. B. Nelson
New Breed Comic Logo, King Features
title of the book'The Surfinary', by Trevor Cralle
title of the book'committed To Excellence', by I B Nelson
title of the book'How to Build a Small Brewery', by Bill Owens
title of the book'Suburbia', by Bill Owens
Gahan Wilson, Playboy magazine cartoonist
sarah at the circus
Drawing of 55 chevy grill and engine
American Brewer magazine logo
Octopus Bicycles shop window painted with 4 octopi
Marvin Bear says good morning to Blue Jay
Readdup Program Frog
The Dark Side comic
Loganberry High comic strip
Trev and Trav comic strip
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