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Welcome to CS285:
Multimedia Technology
offered Fall 2003


CS285 is a first course in Multimedia Technology. Topics include Multimedia Authoring software, After Effects Compositing, Digital Video Editing in iMovie and Premiere, compression, porting Multimedia files to the Web, the art of telling a story and other topics. As time allows we will cover Flash and Actionscripting, Macromedia Director and Lingo, iShell and...

The intent is to have way too much fun

Students will have hands-on experience using a variety of graphics programs on microcomputers. Not applicable to the CS major.

Classroom lecture and hands-on laboratory format. For both PC (Windows) and Macintosh users.

Prerequisite: CS101 or equivalent; go to the first class meeting to Add this course.

Other classes taught by Bill Nelson at SSU:
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