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Resume of Bill Nelson

"According to Ghandi, the seven sins are wealth without works, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and politics without principle." - Jimmy Carter, President of the United States of America (1977-1981)


Computer Experience:

  • General Computer Systems Experience

    Mac OS to version 10.4.10 on IIcx, IIsi, 7100, 7200, 7300, 8500, Quadra, G3, G4, Titanium, Powerbook, iBook, iMac PowerPC G4 (2.1).
    Windows NT, 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP (HP Vectra, Dell and others).

  • Flash

    Versions 4 - 8 Pro; GUI, animation, flex_sdk_3, MXML, Flash 9 Player.

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  • Photoshop

    Versions 2.5 - CS (8.0x119); Production of web graphics, animation sequences exported to Director, graphics for on-line tutorials. Editing of AtlasPro and Excel graphics (Mac format) in Photoshop NT version on Pentium Pro (transfered via NT server) for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations produced for Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems (presentations reviewed by Hewlitt Packard, Lucent Technologies, PG&E property management services).

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  • Adobe Illustrator

    To Mac version CS; Logo design for University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Statewide Conference, 1994 and International Conference in 1997. Character and game layout design for Sega of America Pocket Arcade Games series 1994. Other logos and web work.

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    Hand-coded production for personal web sites, Hewlett Packard, Harding Marketing, Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group, ClickAction, Workexchange, Zoho, Niku, Suzman Design Associates, Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems, Suburbia site for Bill Owens (photojournalist).

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  • Motion Graphics and 3-D

    AfterEffects 5.5, iMovie 4.0.1, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8.0d478, Premiere 5.1, Maya8.5 (PLE)

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  • Java

    Applets; Animation and GUI. JDK 1.4, MRJSDK

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  • JavaScript

    Scripting of link rollovers, alerts, confirms, objects, interactive forms, JavaScript based game embedded in web site links.

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  • Browsers

    Safari, Firefox 3.0.6, Netscape Navigator7, Opera 9, Mozilla, Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac)

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  • Web Editors or Desktop Publishing

    Word 10.1.0, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Homesite, ColdFusion Studio, Adobe GoLive CS, BBEdit 6.5, Quarkxpress, PageMaker6.5, InDesign CS, Simple Text and Notepad (for Java, HTML and JavaScript code production), Pagemill, Acrobat Professional 6.0, Adobe Reader 9.0, Excel, Power Point

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  • File Transfer or Control

    CVS, WSFTPpro, WSFTPlite, StarTeam, telnet, Fetch 4, Unix (for web page access, the vi Visual Editor for on-line web page authoring and editing, ved)

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  • PHP - MySQL

    phpMyAdmin-2.11.4-english, PHP (entropy-php-5.2.4-1), MySQL (mysql-5.0.51a-osx10.4-powerpc-64bit),

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  • Macromedia Director

    Versions 4 - MX; including Lingo, scanned-in hand-drawn individual cell animation, animations based on photoshop image manipulation, software prototyping (Content Development with Dr. Bijan Gillani [at Cal State Hayward], Advanced Project Development with Michael Henninger [at Cal State Hayward] and Applications Development with Dr. Chris Morgan [at Cal State Hayward]), interactive stand-alone apps., shocked web apps, Interactive resume.

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  • Misc.

    Blackboard, Perl, ImageReady 8.0x117, SoundEdit16 vs2, Painter, Claris( spreadsheets, word processing, painting, drawing), Freehand, QuickTime, iTunes, iPhoto, Windows Media Player, Web Cams, Live Web Radio (1999-2000), Atlas Pro, Lotus 123 ( collection of field data for landscape management systems using HP Palmtops with transfer to primary computers through MacLink), Lexmark X75, Epson Printers (740, 880), Zip Drives (100, 250), InternetConnect

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General Work Experience:

  • Nevada County Library Literacy Program

    Nevada City, CA
    1/2007 - 1/2009

    Create poster, T-shirt designs, Logos for Literacy Program events

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  • City University, Dept of Management

    Belleview, WA
    1/2006 - 1/2007

    CS340, Introduction to Internet Publishing. Online

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  • Sonoma State University, Dept of Computer Science

    Rohnert Park, CA
    9/2002 - 9/2003

    CS175, Introduction to Computer Graphics
    CS185: Introduction to Internet Programming
    CS285: Multimedia Technologies

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  • Developerminds

    San Mateo, CA
    9/2001 - 1/2003

    Web and Applications Developer.
    Assist in development of Developerminds online application. Lead Website Designer for S.E.A. Construction website contract. Co-designer for other upcoming website design/implementation contracts.

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  • Suzman Design Associates

    Off site
    8/2001 - 9/2001

    Lead Web Designer.
    Design web site for international landscape architecture firm.

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  • Niku

    Redwood City, CA
    8/2001 - 9/2001

    Contract Web Developer.
    Provide web and/or internal company graphics. Create new splash pages for US, German, French, Dutch and UK Niku web sites. Worked on build of new web site. Used PC laptop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop.

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  • Clickaction

    Palo Alto, CA
    4/2001 - 4/2001

    Contract Web Developer.
    Create Javascript-based demo of proprietary web-cgi-based product for script-based sales pitches by sales force. Demo designed to appear to have same functionality as actual product without any actual database access.

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  • Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group

    Palo Alto, CA
    2/2001 - 4/2001

    Contract Web Developer.
    Create web page alterations in a dynamic perl-based web site. Created new CSFB technical advisor bios using perl driven technology (using flat data files). Created new web graphics on demand either from scratch or from existing graphics. Altered primary frame based Javascript navigation as needed. Used Illustrator9, Photoshop 5.5, notepad, PC with Win2000, FTP.

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  • Compaq Corp.

    Cupertino, CA
    8/2000 - 2/2002

    Create illustrations for internationally distributed internal sales division newsletter ("The Sherpa") from writer produced scripts.

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    Santa Clara, CA
    5/2000 - 11/2000

    Web Developer.
    Web site and Job Search Site developer using NT4, Cold Fusion Studio, HTML, Javascript, a bit of SQL and ColdFusion code, Imageready, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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  • Zoho Corporation.

    Sunnyvale, CA
    2/2000 - 6/2000

    Contract Web Developer and eCommerce site developer.
    General web development for corporate site and eCommerce site. Used NT4, HTML, notepad, Homesite, Starteam, JSP, telnet, Unix.

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  • Harding Marketing.

    Cupertino, CA
    8/1999 - 12/1999

    Contract Web Developer.
    Web development of Hewlett-Packard websites using CGI, HTML, Photoshop5, Illustrator8, imagemaps, NT4, versioning control(proprietary), Unix, vi, telnet, FTP, and job tracking system.

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  • Hewlett-Packard Interctive Marketing Services.

    Cupertino, CA
    2/1999 - 8/1999.

    Web Developer.
    Assisted in complete rebuild of entire Hewlett-Packard web presence (96 separate sites), as well as maintainance of existing sites. Created several completely new directories. Created new graphics. Used CVS, HP-UX, Javascript, Perl, HTML, vi, ved, WS_FTPpro, telnet, ReflectionX, Photoshop, Illustrator, Homesite.

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  • Green Leaf Mapping and Control Systems.

    San Jose, CA
    June 1997 to late 1998.

    Mapping and management of exterior and interior landscapes, water use control systems, custodial auditing, Landscape Architectural services. Systems used: HP Palmtop handheld computers with Lotus 123, Atlas Pro Mapping software, MacLink, Excell spreadsheets, Word 6, Power Point ( Developing Powerpoint presentation on NT system to be presented to Lucent Technologies, a Green Leaf Client, regarding Green Leaf System Services), Netscape Navigator 2 and 3. Web master for the Green Leaf web site using hand coded HTML , Java and JavaScript, produced on various Mac models and Pentium Pro(NT), involving the scripting of link rollovers, pull down menus with JavaScript driven data bases and dynamically created windows and pages, JPEG and GIF files, form data verification, alerts and confirmations, status bar control, scrolling messages, Java animation. (posted on the web August 28, 1998)

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  • San Jose State University Multimedia lab

    San Jose, California
    September 1996 to January 1997

    Lab tech producing quick guide instruction manuals for the use of Mac colorOne Scanner, Director 5, Quark and Photoshop. Producing presentation material for drop-in faculty using Director. Creation of posters for Instructional Resources Lab. Assisting and training lab users in the use of Macintosh computers, Photoshop and Director authoring software. Limited work in Authorware and Hypercard.

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  • Bill Owens Publications

    Hayward, California
    1990 (apx.) to 1998

    Freelance artist for the various publications (and brewpubs) owned and edited by Bill Owens, world renowned photojournalist whose book, “Suburbia” has been exhibited in major museums around the world for over twenty years and was also the inspiration for the look of the Tim Burton movie, “Edward Scissorshands”. Adaptation of his photojournalistic essay, “Suburbia” for the WWW, as well as “Rituals” and “Working”, using hand-coded HTML, GIF and JPEG, Zip drives, scanners, Photoshop for photo manipulation, FETCH, TELNET and UNIX. Cartoons, watercolor illustrations, black and white line art for flyers, handbooks, advertisments and magazines including American Brewer and Beer the Magazine (beginning with its premiere issue).

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  • University of California Cooperative Extension

    Santa Clara (Statewide)
    1982 to 1997.

    Production of various graphics used in brochures, flyers, graduation certificates. Logos, banners, pins, T-shirts, and collateral material illustration for the 1994 Statewide Master Gardener Conference (University of California at Davis) and Illustrations for pins, logos, banners, brochures and posters for the 1997 International Master Gardener Conference, produced with Adobe Illustrator 3 ,4 and 6 as well as hand drawn and water color illustration.

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  • King Features Syndicate

    New York, New York.
    June 1989 to 2002/2003.

    Original contributing cartoonist to “The New Breed”, a single panel newspaper cartoon feature syndicated to newspapers world wide. My work was published on an occasional basis, with cartoons also appearing in a collection of New Breed cartoons published by Avon Press in paperback. Cartoons were hand-drawn. Sunday cartoons scanned and colorized using Photoshop on Mac 7200 66av. Those cartoons not purchased by King Features have been run in a series titled “Abnormal Psychology” in the San Jose State University “Daily Spartan”, The DeAnza “La Voz”, and the California State University at Hayward “Pioneer”. My work has appeared in some 300 other magazines, newsletters, zines, newspapers and books including the Sonoma State University “Star”, “Beer the magazine”, “The Surfinary; A Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Phrases”, “American Brewer Magazine”, “The San Jose Mercury News”, “The Bar Harbor Times”, “Processed World Magazine”, “California Bicyclist” and many others

    Winner in the Seattle Times Cartoon Contest, San Francisco Bay Guardian Cartoon Contest (ongoing strip category). Shared in the Media Alliance Community Journalism Award. Childrens and adults cartoon instructor, Artist-In-Residence, Presenter in various school events, art fairs, art groups and service clubs.

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  • Sega of America

    Redwood City, California.

    Art Director for Sega Pocket Arcade Game Series. Limited animation hand-held LCD games involving translation of the game play of Sega Genesis games to LCD: Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, Eternal Champions as well as layouts for Baseball and Football. Series introduced with great success at the New York World Toy Show in early 1994. Art work translated by hand from Sega Genesis and finished in Adobe Illustrator 3 using Mac IIsi and Wacom drawing tablet and pen. Required extreme creativity in reducing full computer animation to a limited number of segments that still reproduced the animation effect of swimming dolphins, attacking sharks and octopi as well as fighting, weapons throwing and fist-pumping warriors. Project work featured in August/September 1995 issue of Adobe magazine.

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  • Clyde Robin Seed Company

    Hayward, California.
    1993 to 1997 (apx.)

    Freelance specialty seed collector for Clyde Robin. Clients ranging from Cal-Trans to Arab Emirates. Required the ability to positively identify and locate various rare or unusual seed types not normally available to Clyde Robin from any other sources. Involved extensive knowledge of plant types, cultural requirements, seed dispersal, normal and unusual range, innovation in collection and preparation of seed.

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  • Bill Nelson Landscaping

    Hayward, California.
    1978 to 1996.

    Commercial and residential Landscaping design and installation, Irrigation design and installation, consultation. C-27 State of California Landscape Contractors License. Pest Control Applicators License.

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  • Octopus Bicycles

    Walnut Creek CA
    1991-1994 apx.

    Created Octopus Bicycles ads which appeared in California Bicyclist Magazine. Wrote copy and created all graphics/layout

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  • Infinity Limited Magazine

    Castro Valley CA
    1991-1995 apx.

    Assistant editor for award winning literary magazine. Magazine published a volume of my poetry and illustrations in 1993.

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    • Manager, Nelson´s Nursery, a wholesale brokerage. 26 acres, 1.5 million ave. yearly gross.
    • Master Gardener, University of California Cooperative Extension, 1982.
    • Volunteer instructor at San Quinten State Prison. 1988-1990
    • Volunteer artist in residence at various elementary and middle schools. 1990-1998
    • San Jose State Track and Cross country teams.

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