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001 First Memories
002 Hampton Road
003 Cedar Wood
004 A Room Of My Own
005 School Days
006 My Friend Wayne
007 A Great Flood
008 My Mother Makes Biscuits
009 To Disneyland
010 We Go To Mexico
011 The Cabin In The Woods
012 We Go To Yosemite
013 Grandma Nelson
014 Nelson Nursery Early Years

I.B. Nelson according to himself

First Memories

Photo of I.B. Nelson in High Chair a year old, asleep
©I.B. Nelson

Disney Characters

My first memory or recollection was from about the age of two; lying in my crib, looking up toward the ceiling of my room and seeing the Disney characters my mother had drawn and painted along the top of my bedroom walls. I have often thought over the years that the comforting presence of these cartoon characters shaped much of my life to the present day; Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and all the rest of the Disney gang were the last thing I saw as I closed my eyes in sleep at night and the first things I saw when I awakened in the morning.

1601 165th Avenue

We lived in an old white, one-story house at 1601 165th Avenue in the unincorporated Ashland district between Hayward and San Leandro, California, where the hills began to rise from the flatlands. The steep rising curve of the street in front of the house would later be the starting point of one of the great friendships in my life; but more of that later.

My Five Acre World

My father owned five acres of land on which the house sat; he was a wholesale nurseryman and the nursery was operated out of the five acres. I was my father's "little prince" and I played the part to the hilt. Photo of my dad's nursery about 1948
The nursery on 165th Ave. about 1948. My grandfather built the shed to the right ©I.B. Nelson

Ride 'em Cowboy!

I don't remember doing so, but I saw, on film taken by my father, myself as a little boy dressed only in my underwear, astride what might have been a broom handle which served admirably as a mighty steed, my sister Phyllis riding her own stick-horse, as we pranced in circles in the gravel drive that ran in front of the old house. I was perhaps 3 years old.