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I.B. Nelson according to himself

A Room of my Own

I.B. Nelson Cartoon commenting on the U.S.A. energy budget
©I.B. Nelson


The house had two main stories along with a full basement and an attic. The attic was reached by a set of five steps which ended at a door. My father decided that the attic would make a good bedroom for me and so it was converted from a dusty attic into a splendid bedroom at the very top of the house, under the roof peak. My ceiling was thus slanted upward from each side into the middle of the room as it was the under-side of the roof. At the far end of the room from the door was the solitary window from which I had a magnificent third floor view of the neighborhood. The window became the source of much terror after I watched a movie in which dinosaurs pursued and ate cave-men; I imagined that the vicious dinosaurs could peer through the window at me and thus I spent many anxious bedtime hours cowering under the covers, hiding from the curious reptiles, who I was sure would devour me if given the opportunity.

The Laundry Chute

At the base of the steps leading up to my attic bedroom was a short hallway. At one end was my parents bedroom and at the other was my sister Phyllis's bedroom. In between was a bathroom, a closet, and the laundry chute. The laundry chute allowed clothes to be delivered directly to the basement laundry. Once, when I was perhaps 6 or 7 years of age, the chute door came loose and I appropriated one of my fathers screwdrivers and tightened the loose screw, for which I gained rich praise from my mother; I was her 'little mechanic'. The closet was another matter entirely. One night I 'woke up', needing to use the bathroom. I opened my bedroom door, went down the three steps, 'opened the bathroom door' and proceeded to begin to urinate, at which point I woke up to discover that I was in fact peeing into the closet.

It HAD to be Rats!

My sister Phyllis kept white rats as pets which worked out well until the night they discovered the door of their cage to be open. I remember quite vividly my sister running screaming up and down the hall trying to tear the rats from her hair, into which they had comfortably bedded down for the night while she had lay sleeping. That was the end of the white rats as pets.

The Bear

Once, late at night, I was awakened by what sounded like the growling of a bear. Quite afraid and intensely curious, I silently crept down the five steps to the hall and cautiously peered around the corner; the sound of the growling bear was now louder and seemingly closer. I slowly inched my way down the dark hallway toward my parents bedroom, where the mysterious sound came from. Suddenly a loud snort, much louder than the other periodic growling noises, echoed loudly against the hallway walls. Terrified, I bounded back down the hall, cleared the stairs in a single bound, leaped into my bed and threw the covers for protection over my head. After several minutes, the beast did not come to devour me so I crept once more down the stairs and inched my way along the wall in the hallway until I reached my parents room. The door not being locked, I slowly peeked around the corner, fully expecting to see some hideous animal, but saw only my father, his back to me, his covers rising and falling in perfect synchronicity with the sounds of the bear. It was my father that was making the hideous bear noise. Much amazed and extremely relieved I tip-toed back to my room, having heard snoring for the very first time.