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I.B. Nelson according to himself

We Go To Mexico

our family gets a picture taken in Tijuana, riding a donkey cart 1956
©I.B. Nelson


A number of times on our Los Angeles trips we went over the border into Tijuana. On one trip, we had our photo taken wearing sombreros; I was seated on the plaster 'Donkey' and my mother, father and sisters on the cart behind me. We wandered through the shopping area in the warm evening, accosted by street vendors offering incredible deals, looked at the leather and knick-knack shops, clothing and hat stores, observed the numerous liquor stores. Of course, my father always purchased some Mexican liquor to take home in spite of his attending the liquor-free Methodist Church.

And all those 'Other Places'

It never occurred to me when I was young that our travels and activities were anything out of the ordinary; I assumed that all families went to Disneyland a couple of times a year as a matter of course. Nor did it strike me as different to have visited almost every national and state park west of the Mississippi by the time I graduated from High School. I just took it for granted as a normal part of growing up. Only much later after my father had long since died and I had been on my own for some years was I able to look back and realize how unusual, different and enriching as well as educational my growing up had been. For example, one night, one of my father's business associates took my father and the whole family out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Los Angeles's 'Japan Town'. We ate a multi-course dinner that lasted some three hours or so, of primarily Japanese cuisine. Then a curtain opened revealing a stage and we watched 'entertainment direct from The Ginza', including kimono clad dancers with fans and traditional Japanese music. Another time, the whole family spent several days at the Carmel Highlands Inn, staying in a private cabin and eating dinners in the evening in the main dining room with views of the ocean.