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Baseball Cards was my first New Breed cartoon, published in 1989.

While on a wine tasting tour with the Northern California Cartoon and Humor Association, we all stopped at Charles Schulz's ice skating rink. Jean Schulz stopped by at the Snoopy Store to deliver some packages, and I got to meet and talk with her. I asked if she could get her husband to autograph his Peanuts© strip which appeared just below the New Breed. She agreed.

I expected to get it back via mail, but that evening we got a call at dinner for an additional table reservation from a couple we'd never heard of. When the mystery couple arrived, it was Sparkey and Jean. She came across the room and said "I have something I believe that belongs to you!". It was my newspaper tearsheet now bearing Sparkey's autograph. To this day it remains one of my "treasures"

Thanks Jeannie!!

The New Breed distributed by King Features - Panels by I.B. Nelson

The New Breed cartoon series from King Features, an I.B. Nelson panel, 'Baseball Cards' ©I.B. Nelson