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Death of Jay Kennedy,
King Features Cartoon Editor,
New Breed Founder

Charles M. Schulz kindly signed his Peanuts©
strip that appeared the day my first
New Breed© cartoon, Baseball Cards, appeared:
Baseball Cards [1989]
Camel Filters [1989]
Amazon Drain Forest [1989]
I thought It would be closer [1989]
Crank Callers [1989]
Ten Ant Parking [1990]
Bumper Crops [1990]
Hi-Tech Stocks [1990]
Radical Dude [1990]
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks [1990]
Seismologists Arguing [1990]
Disney On Ice [1991]
Wait Training [1991]
100% Pure Bread Dogs [1992]
Shuffle Bored [1992]
Deletion of the Ozone [1992]
Shepard/Collie Mix [1993]
shepherdCollieMix.jpg 1993
Smothered With Kisses [1993]
Geological Survey [1995]
My kid's not the only one [1996]
Letter to King Features before syndication [1987]
Letter from King Features - You've been chosen! [1989]

Cover of the 1991 collection of New Breed cartoons, published by Avon Press

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