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After I drew Dale Messick, (April 11, 1906 April 5, 2005), I showed her the drawing, which she then decided to improve with her own drawing skills

She then said, "Well, since YOU drew ME, I'M going to have to draw YOU!", which, to my delight, she did.

She then autographed both drawings

Dale was fun to be around, salty and funny as all get-out: she flirted with all the guys present, though being 90 years old at the time. I treasure having had the opportunity to meet her

Autographed Drawings from Life by I.B. Nelson

I.B. Nelson drawn by Dale Messick in Santa Rosa CA

Cartoonists drawn by I.B. Nelson - Dale Messick, creator of Brenda Starr, draws I.B. Nelson ©I.B. Nelson