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I went to a dinner at which Dale Messick, creator of the cartoon feature "Brenda Starr, Cub Reporter", was the guest of honor. She was 90 years old at the time, salty and flirtacious. She was a real delight.

During the event, I drew Dales portrait and then showed it to her, as I was going to ask her to sign it. But she said, "You forgot my eyebrows and lips..." and took my pencil and proceeded redraw the parts of the drawing in question.

I was horrified..she was ALTERING my drawing, but then I thought, "Wait, this is Dale Messick! And she's reworking my drawing...it's OK". She then said "Well, since you drew me, I'll have to draw you!", and she did. Then she autographed BOTH drawings. I was a happy camper that night.

Autographed Drawings from Life by I.B. Nelson

Dale Messick, creator of Brenda Starr

Cartoonists drawn by I.B. Nelson - Dale Messick, creator of the comic strip, \'Brenda Starr Cub Reporter\' ©I.B. Nelson