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George Crenshaw, (Oct. 1913 - Sept. 6, 2007), was one of the most prolific American Cartoonists. Among his creations was "Belvedere". He also self-published a cartoonist's guide to the business side of cartooning

Crenshaw was also the creator of Nubbins, Nerdly, and many other cartoon features. He was published in many major publications: National Enquirer, New Yorker, Woman's World, Readers Digest, many others, was a former Disney animator: working on "Fantasia," "Pinocchio" and many "Donald Duck" shorts. He was also a ghost cartoonist for Hank Ketcham ("Dennis the Menace"). As a comic book artist, worked on many Dell titles featuring Woody Woodpecker, Disney characters, Bugs Bunny and others, and won numerous cartooning awards.

We met at a National Cartoonists Society meeting held at a German restaurant in San Jose California. Scott Willis, Editorial cartoonist for the San Jose Mercury News was guest of honor. During the formal meeting we could hear the rowdy Oom-pah music coming from the dining room. After the meeting, we went down for dinner, where I sat near Mr. Crenshaw. The noise was terriffic: we absolutely could not hear each other speak. The oom-pah band dressed in Lederhosen blared, the drinl-clad witresses carried German Sausage dinners and huge numbers of steins of foaming beer - how they managed it without spilling considering the rowdy room was hard to fathom. I drew George during the dinner amidst the riotous music and beer consumption. I motioned with my hand that I wanted him to sign the drawing since he couldn't hear what I said

Autographed Drawings from Life by I.B. Nelson

George Crenshaw, drawn at a German Restaurant in San Jose, CA.

Cartoonists drawn by I.B. Nelson - George Crenshaw of Belvedere and Nubbins. Member of the National Cartoonists Society ©I.B. Nelson