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Phil Frank, (March 27, 1943 September 13, 2007), creator of "Travels with Farley", was speaking at the Coyote Point Museum in Hillsborough CA, so I decided to go and see if I could get a drawing of him while he spoke.

I'd met him briefly some years before at a meeting of "The Loonies", a San Francisco Bay Area cartoonists/illustrators/writers group that met informally at various venues and which was attended by invitation only.

But at the Museum, I got a good opportunity to get a good likeness. After Phils presentation, I was able to talk to him and purchase a copy of his latest cartoon book, which he had for sale to the audience. He graciously signed my drawing and also let me take a copy of his book home although I had no money with me that evening. I reinbursed Phil for the book later in the mail. He was a kind and generous soul who was worth knowing.

Frank was the artist for "The Elderberries" (written by Joe Troise). Frank and Troise worked together on other comic strip projects, including "Chateau Defeat"

Autographed Drawings from Life by I.B. Nelson

Phil Frank

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