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Bill Bucks
Nostalgia For Communities Past
The Chained Man
At last! Enuf parking!
Tic Tac Toe Head
Trap Heads
Wire Hair Girl
Mixed Emotions
Patented Brainwasher
Happy Memorial Day Boys!
Not bad for a days work...
Cut 'Em Off at the Index
Buy a Party Card Or Else...
Cross traffic doesn't stop
Sitcom Hell
The IRS Wins
Mourning the Departed
It's a Romance!
Someting for Valentine's day
Moses Parts His Hair
Blinded by Love
No Closing Costs
G'wan kid, your making the place look bad!
The World held hostage
Dear John
Hand it to Ya
Happy Happy Happy
Ladder of Success
Sculpured Nails
The Whole Truth
In The Box
The Happy Chicken restaurant
The Snake Charmer
Chip Man
Chip People
Check in your gums, boys
This place really has curb appeal!
No more chopping days til christmas
We're ALL screwed up!
Separated At Birth
Just a Fluke??

Cartoons by I.B. Nelson

I.B. Nelson Cartoon commenting on the U.S.A. energy budget
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