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San Jose High Year Book (1934)
On San Jose High Swim Team (1934)
The San Jose High Swim Team (1934)
1938 La Torre
1938 La Torre endsheet 1
1938 La Torre endsheet 2
1937-38 Water Polo Team
1938 A Capella
1940 La Torre
Clifford in Sigma Gamma Omega (1941)
Spartan Senate (1941)
Cliff in Spartan Senate (1941)
At The Dance (Close up) (1941)
1941 La Torre

Cliff at Mt Madonna with rifle
Cliff with Three girls(!!)
Cliff with Jean at Rivermouth, Santa Cruz
Mom and Aunt Dorothy
My Grandfather and Bob Awalt
Shed my Grandfather built for my dad at nursery
Cliff with my older sister Phyllis
Dad's sister Midge, 6th St. house, San Jose
Grandfather Wm Nelson in garden
Grandfather planting in garden
Mom in Yosemite circa 1949
Mt Madonna cabin

Clifford Gilbert Nelson at San Jose State

Red Lobster Boat at Southwest Harbor, Maine ©I.B. Nelson