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WARNING NOTE: If you are offended by Dark subject matter that that involves suicide, death, divorce, profanity, violence, etc, please return to the main page and do NOT veiw The Darkside image links on this page. Any references in The Darkside to any person in the linked drawings now living are INTENDED. All events and quotes in The Darkside are generally factual and WILL offend some people.
No Time! No Time!
Til Death Do Us Part
So I Don't Try Anymore
I Can't Stand It
How Do You spell relief?
Work Will Make You Free
What Are Friends For
Not in OUR classrooms you don't!
One Less Father and who cares...
This Little Piggy Goes to Jail...
The Communicator
Happy Fathers Day
I will NOT kill customers...
In the Valley of the Hearts delight
Awarded my Fish Wrapper
teaching Computer Science with an Abacus
The Criminal beats Caroline
No one gives a damn ...except you
Equal Time
So Lonely, So Lonely
Six Warning Signs of Marriage
The Right Stuff
lifetime Guarantee
Yikes! Stripes!
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The Darkside ©I.B. Nelson

Musings on the Dark Side of life...

I.B. Nelson cartoon series, 'The Dark Side' in book form ©I.B. Nelson