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At the time I drew this Dark Side panel, I was working as a lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Sonoma State University. So much money was deducted from my meager pay that I couldn't rent a place: I lived in a Motel 6 room for a week until money ran out then asked friends for a room for a week or so. Not a bad existence for someone entrusted with the care of the young people of the State of California. In the meantime, my ex had cashed in a 401k, of which I was supposed to receive half, keeping all of the money, and was living in Arnold CA, above Angels Camp. About every four months I was forced to drive to Calaveras County to attend court, a 7-hour trip I could not afford, in a vehicle that wasn't fit to make the trip. Each time I went to court in Calaveras, I would ask the Court where my children were. The Court refused to tell me and my searches turned up nothing.

The Darkside ©I.B. Nelson

One Less Father...And Who Gives a Damn?

I.B. Nelson cartoon series, 'The Dark Side', One Less Father, 2002 ©I.B. Nelson