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In August of 2002 I was offered a position lecturing in the Computer Science Department at Sonoma State University.

I'd sign up for rooms months in advance only to find someone else teaching in them, and me standing in the hall with my students wondering where the heck we were going to wind up at.

Proper software was "not in the budget" so I had to improvise. I taught Web Programming in a room with NO computers.

I taught two semesters and then, along with 3000 other highly qualified lecturers in the state University System (33 schools), was let go because of a budget crisis. I was "laid off" via email - just 5 days before the start of the Fall semester.

After three months of intense preparation over the summer for the Fall semester, I found I wasn't wanted. Not much later, I became essentially homeless, living either with friends or at motel 6. It began to look like the decision to move from Silicon Valley to teach had been a really BAD decision.

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