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After being forced to go to court over child support or child custody some 47 times in 14 years, you get a little tired and begin to have these slightly irrational thoughts...

At one hearing, the Criminal, realizing she was not going to get some particular pound of my flesh which she had been trying to carve out, blew up in Court, yelling at the Judge, yelling at the District Attorney and apparently at everyone in general, as she slowly backed toward the Court door. The court was relieved when she did not show up at any of the subsequent hearings. The Judge remarked, "Well It looks like we are going to have a quiet hearing...".

After she had left the court I asked if she would be charged with contempt but I was told she had "not been under oath", Darn... I thought she'd have looked real cute in one of those bright orange county jail jumpsuits. Oh well.

Keep in mind that it was at the same court building that a woman shot and killed the accused molester of her son in the Court Hallway some years previous. Considering that the Criminal HAD assaulted me AND our children and HAD threatened to shoot me, I was understandably a BIT concerned about being in the same building as her.

Thank god for small favors, I thought, that she didn't come to the hearings anymore. Still, there were those seven hour round trips each time, not counting the time actually in court.

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And This Little Piggy Went To Jail...

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