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Working late one night (as a commercial gardener) I flushed a bird out of a bush. Thinking I'd shoo it back out of the street, I looked for cars and saw none coming then stepped onto the street to shoo the bird back on the lawn. I heard a noise and took one step back, saving my life, for a car rushed by inches from me - the bird was crushed flat.

And yes, The Criminal told her friends I was a rapist. Kind of wierd, since she wouldn't let me touch her and I spent the last two years of our marriage sleeping/living in the basement with funiture wedged against the door at night for protection in case she decided to try to kill me in my sleep.

The Darkside ©I.B. Nelson

So I Don't Try Anymore...

I.B. Nelson cartoon series, 'The Dark Side', \ ©I.B. Nelson