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After Silicon Valley went down in flames in 2001, I spent a year looking for tech work. Not a job on the horizon anywhere. Tech had died. Some 100,000 highly qualified people lost their jobs.

Then I got hired at Roger Reynold's Nursery in Menlo Park. I loved it there except for my immediate supervisor, who, for some reason, took a dislike for me and began to make my work life a living Hell.

I learned later she had caused several people to quit working for Roger Reynold's. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why they kept her. She was a menace.

Fortunately, I got a call from Sonoma State University with a job offer. That was on a friday. The following Wednesday I was teaching my first class. I never told the nursery I was leaving.

The Darkside ©I.B. Nelson

I will NOT kill customers...

I.B. Nelson cartoon series, 'The Dark Side', I will not kil customers, 2002 ©I.B. Nelson