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Some of the artwork shown here was destroyed directly by my former wife before our separation. Others were lost because of her later.
Andrea (lost)
Katharine and Sarah (destroyed)
Katharine and Sarah (as destroyed by Katharine)
In Aqueous Humor Vitae (lost)
Childrens Illustration (as destroyed by Katharine)
Leroy The Monster (lost)

Also destroyed was work created by school children for me, from when I volunteered as a cartoon instructor in their classrooms. That work was destroyed by water when Katharine attcked me with a water hose as I was about to go do volunteer work. Also destroyed at the same time were all the papers in my open briefcase
Jaw traps for heads, painting by I.B. Nelson, in shades of vivid reds
Jaw Trap Heads, 72" x 60", Acrylic on canvas, lost
©I.B. Nelson