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My Mother 10/25/1985
My Mother and Aunt Dorothy 3/11/2011
Self Portrait Apr 1969
Self Portrait May 1969

Rachel's 1st day -St Rose Hospital
Rachel at Fenton's 3/08/87
Rachel Mtn Community Theatre 93'
Rachel sings at BeanScene Feb 2000

Joel One Day Old 10/2/76
Joel at Pier 39 06/02/84
Joel at Steinhart Aquarium 1985
Joel 1986
Joel 1986

Carrie new born St Rose Hosp. 3/28/84
Carrie day old St Rose Hosp. 3/28/84
Carrie wth Hair Ribbons 1986
Carrie At the Library 8/21/93
Carrie 1994
Carrie Elephant Encounter 1/14/94

Sarah at Birth (daughter)
Sarah at Disneyland (damaged)
Sarah at the Beach
Sarah at the Circus
My Grandson Jayden 020512

Uncle Johnny 02/15/04
The Recital

Kelly and David Wed
The First Dance
Cousin David and Nancy

Rita Asleep on the Train


Maxine at SJSU 1969
Dave at SJSU 1969
Bob at SJSU 1969
Bob Acosta 1984
Joe Bahris 1984
Rodney Baptism - San Quinten Prison 5/29/88
Dolly Aiken July 9 1988
Tony Idarola CSUEB Multimedia
Joe Bahris at wedding dinner 1994
Ella Asleep
Sister Roberts 12/4/04
Holding A Baby
Mike McBride 2008
'Woody' Robertshaw April 29th 2010
Sister Grant, Sacramento July 15th 2012
Kelly and David, first dance at their wedding ©I.B. Nelson

In early 1969 I bought a blank book with a black cover and began writing and drawing in it. Since then I've filled about 12 of them chock full of inane thoughts, strange pictures, portraits, poetry and just plain doodles.

Most of the drawings of friends and family were drawn over the last 41 years in the small 6" X 8" format black books. Each time I finish filling one in, and go buy a new one is a bit of a strange feeling - as though I've closed the door on a chapter of my life. It's interesting to be able to turn the pages of the black books and see the paths my life has taken and the faces of the many people I've drawn.

The books themselves are tattered and worn from having been carried about - some of the black books took 3 years to fill and eventually lost their covers. Some of the books are held together with duct or electrical tape.

In 1982 I left a black book with 6 months of writing and drawing in a phone booth in the San Jose City Hall. By the time I realized what had happened and ran back, the book was gone. I never saw it again. 30 years later I still mourn a little bit for the lost art and history that the book contained.