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The main character, the iggley squiggley wiggly worm, was modeled after my daughter, Caroline Lyla-Grace Nelson. She really WAS iggley squiggley wiggly

I found only 4 of the original illustrations, of which there were 10 drawn. The story was written and illustrated when Caroline was about 2 years old, in 1986.

Free at last and outside.
Her brother Joel finds a worm!!
Hiding under the Pea vines
POP went her 100 legs!

The Iggley squiggley wiggley Worm - An illustrated children's story by I.B. Nelson

Outside and free at last!

The Iggley squiggley wiggley Worm, a children's book by I.B. Nelson
Text and art ©I.B. Nelson. All rights reserved.

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