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Based on a school I attended in 1966/67 for one year - my Senior year. I later went to work there in 1983, managing the landscaping of the 14 schools and the district offices - but after less than two months I was summoned (on my lunch hour no less) to the district office where I was given a choice to quit or be fired - no one would tell me why, though I pleaded for an answer for nearly an hour - it had been said I was doing a great job, then, BANG, I was out. Do I hate the New Haven Unified School District?? You Betcha!! The New Haven Unified School District SUCKS!! Developed this strip one day while coming back from one of my many appearances in the Calaveras Superior Court (due to child support and custody matters). While having a cold drink in Jackson (off Hwy 49), I quickly sketched out the characters of the strip
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"Loganberry High" by I.B. Nelson

I.B. Nelson Cartoon strip commenting on life at Loganberry High School
©I.B. Nelson