What is meekness? How do we seek it, and why is it vital?

Ever receive an invitation? Nice to know someone thought enough of you to ask you to an event (party, dinner)

We HAVE received an invitation - a very gracious and important one

READ Zephaniah 2: 2,3

An invitation to become part of a family that will live forever - but with caveats (conditions)

There are three:
Must - "seek Jehovah", "seek righteousness", "seek meekness"

Let us consider the 3rd - MEEKNESS
WHAT is it - HOW do we seek it - WHY is it vital

WHAT it is - Insight on the Scriptures pg 364

A mildness of temper, without haughtiness or vanity. The mental disposition that enables one to endure injury with patience and without irritation, resentment, or vindictive retaliation. It is a close companion of and seldom found separate from such other virtues as humility, lowliness of mind, and gentleness. (See HUMILITY; MILDNESS.) The Hebrew word translated "meek" ('a-naw') comes from the root 'a-nah', which means "afflict, humble, humiliate."

In the Bible Meekness emphasized as mental attitude toward God and fellow humans

Ps 25:9 -
"Jehovah will teach the meek ones his way"

How do we seek it?

Really rather Simple:
remaining meek and being concealed NOT a given. The world NOT meek and CAN rub off on us.
Must be resolved to endure until the end
Must seek Jehovah and his viewpoint by reading God's Word daily - and applying

Why is meekness vital?

In Zephaniah's day, Godıs anger was unleashed upon those wickedly "making all their dealings ruinous."

Soon, God's judgements will be executed on this world which so dispises meekness as a weakness
At that time, will WE be found to be meekness? Will WE be concealed?