August 18th, 1990

"At the [Hayward] Zuchinni Fest[ival] Sat[urday] 18 1990. Have been separated [from Katharine] for 6 days - preparing myself for losing my family. Have deliberately not gone home - Hurt, wounded, in pain, alone even in a crowd, envious of those with companions, utterly unable to understand how I have come to this place, this situation.

Physically I'm a wreck - tense, nervous, constantly on edge, feeling a bit like a caged animal pacing pacing pacing, but not arriving anywhere. I am about to lose my children - again. An utterly helpless, hopeless, feeling. What can I possibly do. My inclination is to do nothing, to impede the approaching breakup - I was unable to persuade Maud, how can I hope to persuade Katharine.

September 2nd, 1990

[Spent the day at Disneyland. Sarah was completely worn out by the time for the Electric Parade and fell asleep in her stroller.] Sarah asleep in stroller before disneyland electric parade

October 13, 1990

[The Northern California Cartoon and Humor Association met at the Carmel Inn Oct 13.
Eldon Dedini, cartoonist for Playboy and The New Yorker was the main speaker. Bill Bates, cartoonist (of Carmel) also spoke. Eldon was not at all like his drawings of Satyrs and naked Nymphs - he was very 'grandfatherly'. His wife also attended and together were the picture of married Golden Age felicity and domesticity.]

Eldon Dedini, cartoonist for the New Yorker and Playboy Bill Bates, cartoonist from Carmel

October 27th, 1990

"NCS meeting 10-27-90" [National Cartoonists Society]
autographed drawing of Scott Willis editorial cartoonist for the San Jose Mercury News I attended NCS meetings on a regular basis in the early 90's. This particular meeting had Scott Willis, editorial cartoonist for the San Jose Mercury News as the guest of honor. The meeting was held at a rowdy German restaurant in downtown San Jose (the restaurant later burned down - a real pity as it was an interesting place to go). We could barely hear anything because of the noise coming from the diningroom so finally gave in to the noise and all had dinner. Food and beer was served by "St Pauli girls" in drinels carry five beer steins in each hand. Music was provided by a German oompah band. All the musicians were dressed in lederhosen. It was a riot! autographed drawing of cartoonist George Crenshaw, creator of belevdere I drew Scott Willis during the attempted meeting and George Crenshaw, creator of "Belvedere" during dinner between splashes of lager and flying german sausages. The noise level was roughly equivilent to sitting in front of the speakers at a Jimmy Hendriks concert with Jimmy playing full blast.

October/November, 1990

Attended the play, The Diary of Anne Frank at the Chabot Jr. College Little Theatre. I drew each of the actors on stage during the performance and got each to autograph their drawing when they exited after the play. Jim Coon as Mr. Frank in the Play quote the diary of anne frank end quote Afterward in November watched "The Crucible" at the Las Positas Jr College in Livermore and drew the performers there as well. Excellent performance!

December [no date], 1990

Northern California cartoon and Humor Association meeting at the 19th St. Bar and Grill S.F. I was the featured artist. We all went upstairs and sang karioke