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Ads for Octopus Bicycles, of Concord California, appeared in California Bicyclist Magazine

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(Directory Updated July 30 2010)

Octopus Mona Lisa - June 1990 Octopus Ad
Professor Octopus - Nov 1989 Octopus Ad
The Octo-Man Challenge- April 1990 Octopus Ad
The Closer You Get - Octopus Ad
Yes Virginia There Is an Octopus!
Robo Biker
We'd be eating Octopus, not Turkey!
We were made for each other!

Octopus Bicycles Greeting Card

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Octopus New Years Resolution
Should' sucked my wheel!
The Octopus Reuben
You are entering 'The Octopus Zone'
Sob, he didn't buy at Octopus!
Adventures of Bike Simpson
I love you, but you didn't go to Octopus
Legend of Bikey Hollow
Evolution of the Tandem
Massive earthquake near Octopus
Octopus Space Tours

Octopus Riding Jersey
Octopus Water Bottle
Octopus Greeting Cards

Octopus Bicycle Ads by I.B. Nelson

In California Bicyclist Magazine 1989 - 1992

Ad by I.B. Nelson for Octopus Bicycles titled 'Dick Racy, Bicycle Detective' ©I.B. Nelson