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Preliminary Site Work 3/31/84

Welding the Fence
A Bobcat
Repairing the Fountain
Laying Tile
Chet Chappell
Sorting Tile
Kathi Nelson sweeps the slab
Fixing cracks in the slab
I visit Billie Evans

The Pre-build Safety Meeting

Don Jackson, Dave Nichols and...
Bob Acosta

The 2-day Quick Build: Saturday

7:01am Cameraman
7:07am 1st beams and posts
7:14am 1st wall up
7:19am North wall up
7:24am The Peanut Gallery
7:35am NE Corner Top Plate
7:43 East Wall Fitted
7:48 Cutting Gutters on Sod
8:00 Kids on the Sand Pile
8:20am Joe Bahris Paints Signs
10:19am Trusses Half On

Building a Kingdom Hall in two days - Oakland CA 1984

The Pre-build Safety Meeting - Bob Acosta

Two day Kingdom Hall quick build. Attendee Bob Acosta

Participation in the Quick Build project required mandatory attendance at the safety meeting.

One of the participants was Bob Acosta from San Leandro. Bob invited me to co-teach bible study classes at San Quentin State Prison (1989-91). Bob later suffered abdominal peritonitis from a ruptured appendix which seriously compromised his health. Bob, a good friend, died some years later.