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Crissy was drawn as an alternate version for ’The Wahine’ in the Surfinary, edited by Trevor Cralle, published in 1991 and 2000. Her friend Alona was chosen as the Wahine.

I saw Alona on Halloween night at a movie theatre in 1990 and thought that I needed to remember her. Why, I didn't know at the time. While all her co-workers had dressed as ghouls, Alona had dressed in a grass skirt with her hair in cascading ringlets.

Near the end of 1990, I met Trevor Cralle and he agreed to use my art in his book. As the project was wrapping up he lamented that there was one image he did not have. I asked him what that was and he replied, "A Wahine."

Excitedly, I told him "I know where your Wahine is!". He gave me a few days to get a drawing for him and I set off in search of Alona. She had an "auntie" that also worked at the movie theatre and was very protective of Alona, wanting to know what " was in it for her [Alona]".

I was finally able to convince Alona’s ‘auntie’ that the project was on the up and up. She brought Alona out to the theatre lobby where I was able to explain the project. Alona thought it was interesting, considering that she never went to the ocean. She also suggested that I consider using her friend Crissey as a model, saying that she also worked for the theatre and happened to be there that day. She brought Crissey out to the lobby. I was stunned to have TWO perfect wahines, not just one: Crissey totally had the "look" I needed.

I was going to be working from photos, so I asked them to pose right then and there...the pictures were taken in the only available space, the video game room where dozens of young boys were playing dozens of noisy video games. It was interesting to say the least.

Although Crissey was not chosen for The Surfinary, I did use her drawing later as the front cover for Infinity Limited magazine. Alona was on the back cover.

Art for The Surfinary by I.B. Nelson

The Wahine (rejected version)

I.B. Nelson drawing for The Surfinary, 'Crissey as the Wahine', ©I.B. Nelson