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Marvin Bear and The Eating Place was written on a rainy day, in my car, next to a golf course somewhere in South San Jose, in 1980, and was illustrated over the next two years.

2 Marvin Wakes Up
3 Marvin greets Blue Jay
4 Marvin bakes some snacks
5 Elly Bear arrives - image missing
6 Marvin and Elly meet Raccoon
7 Raccoon Meets Moose
8 Raccoon Climbs Aboard
9 Raccoon invites Owl
10 Raccoon invites Opposum
11 Opossum climbs aboard and rides backward
12 A terrible Thing in the Forest?
13 And they were ALL looking at Raccoon
14 Raccoon knew he was in big trouble
15 "Wait...here IS a picnic", said Marvin - image missing
16 The best picnic ever because very one shares
17 It was REALLY all Raccoon's idea!

Marvin Bear and The Eating Place

An illustrated children's story by I.B. Nelson

It was the best picnic ever - Marvin Bear and The Eating Place, An illustrated children's story by I.B. Nelson
Text and art ©I.B. Nelson. All rights reserved.

"Now", said Marvin, "If each one will go and bring one good thing to share,
There will be enough for everyone."

As soon as Marvin Bear finished speaking, everyone left in a different direction
to get something good to share for the picnic.
Before long Sea Lion flip-flopped over with a bag of fresh pickled Sea Palms.
Otter brought Sea Urchin eggs hard boiled.
The Quail family brought seeds and Moose brought water cress.
Opossum had a sweet persimmon pie. Each one brought someting special.

In the end it was agreed it had been the best picnic ever
because everyone had shared.