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This image finally showed up (after I'd almost given up) as part of a complete manuscript of loose pages in the bottom of a very old and dusty cardboard box. But only after I had torn my entire office apart.

2 Marvin Wakes Up
3 Marvin greets Blue Jay
4 Marvin bakes some snacks
5 Elly Bear arrives - image missing
6 Marvin and Elly meet Raccoon
7 Raccoon Meets Moose
8 Raccoon Climbs Aboard
9 Raccoon invites Owl
10 Raccoon invites Opposum
11 Opossum climbs aboard and rides backward
12 A terrible Thing in the Forest?
13 And they were ALL looking at Raccoon
14 Raccoon knew he was in big trouble
15 "Wait...here IS a picnic", said Marvin - image missing
16 The best picnic ever because very one shares
17 It was REALLY all Raccoon's idea!

Marvin Bear and The Eating Place

An illustrated children's story by I.B. Nelson

Elly Bear Arrives - Marvin Bear and The Eating Place, by I.B. Nelson-->
Text and art ©I.B. Nelson. All rights reserved.

Elly Bear was at the door.

"I am so glad we are going on the picnic", said Elly Bear.
"Here are some picnic suprises!"
Elly Bear had brought a willow root basket that she had made herself.
Inside there was boiled crayfish, sweet fennel stew, elderberry jam,
and honey bread with nuts in it.

Marvin's nose quivered.

"It smells so good I almost think we should have the picnic right now.
Let's hurry and put my food in the basket too,
or else I will eat it right now", laughed Marvin.

"I agree", replied Elly Bear. So they quickly put the food into the basket,
and started on their way to the eating place under the Hazelnut trees