The Jungle panel #67 © I.B. Nelson

"The Jungle" began in the Castro Valley Courier in 1983. After the Courier and I parted company, I reworked the main characters and began submitting the revised "Jungle" comic strip to King Features and other syndicates. After several encouraging letters from King over a period of several years, I was chosen by Jay Kennedy, comics editor for King Features, to draw for "The New Breed" in 1989. "The Jungle" opened the door for me, but I quit working on it in 1989.

Nearly all the 112 original panels for "The Jungle" were lost in 1996.

The Jungle #1 The Brew that ate California.
The Jungle #2 And that's just the comics!
The Jungle #3 After three cups you tend to dissolve...
The Jungle #4 ...cats have no sense of taste
The Jungle #5 Of all the days for it to rain!
The Jungle #6 Twinkle, twinkle, little star
The Jungle #7 orange n' purple plastic flamingoes
The Jungle #8 The stars ...mysterious and far away
The Jungle #22 You should worry...
The Jungle #23 Guzzle - cise
The Jungle #24 Go ahead - make my day
The Jungle #25 One Potato Two Potato
The Jungle #26 Drove too many of my own nails
The Jungle #27 Pecan...the kind with all the nuts
The Jungle #28 Proof of the fifth force of physics
The Jungle #29 The Peter Pan effect
The Jungle #59 I got that extension I requested...

The Jungle #99 Why are you holding that painting...
The Jungle #100 These are the good ol' days
The Jungle #101 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
The Jungle #102 you COULD communicate
The Jungle #? Hottest Act in Town
To be added: The other 101 panels (or as many existing photocopies as I can find and that can be "repaired"