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The Nutthouse, by I.B. Nelson, was created in about 1990, drawn for two years and then discontinued when my wife left me and took our two girls. She threatened that she would see to it "that I would never see them again" - she followed through on her threat and that is exactly what happened.

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The Nutthouse - by I.B. Nelson

The Nutthouse, a comic strip by I.B. Nelson Cartoon
©I.B. Nelson

I drew 17 panels of The Nutthouse. The characters were Wally Nutt (the dad), Hazel Nutt (the mom), Carrie Nutt and Sarah Nutt (the two girls). The strip was submitted only once, to King Features, who I was drawing for at the time (The New Breed single panel 1989 - 2003)

Without my two "little hooligans" around, I simply lost heart and dropped the strip.