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Trev 'n' Trav, by I.B. Nelson, was created in about 2010, drawn for two years and then discontinued

#1 Forgot To Wax
#2 Hello Fly Boy
#3 Chuck This Stuff
#4 Crack this Board!
#5 Broken Board Decor
#6 The Art of War
#7 It's a bird, it's a plane...
#8 New tricks
#9 Super Skater
#10 The meaning of life
#11 Got Bookworms yet?

Trev 'n' Trav - by I.B. Nelson

Trev and Trav, a comic strip by I.B. Nelson
©I.B. Nelson

I drew 16 panels of Trev 'n' Trav. The characters were loosely based on my two nephews, Trevor and Travis. The strip was submitted only once, to King Features, who I drew for 1989 - 2003 (The New Breed single panel)